• 9 December 2023

Can erection problems be affected by how we eat? Both doctors and nutritionists have no doubts about this. In their opinion, erectile dysfunction is often a consequence of a diet poor in some minerals, such as zinc and iron. They also believe that a diet may be wrongly composed. So what should we eat if we want to make sure that the bedroom is always up to the task?

Start with zinc.

The list of recommendations for men with potency problems is not short. No matter who comments on the potency diet, we can almost always hear that it should be based on zinc. Very often, erection does not occur because testosterone is not present in proper amounts in the male body. It's hard to find a miracle drug that can change that, but hormone therapy is complicated and can have side effects. However, it may turn out that testosterone deficiency is associated with a diet poor in zinc. If we want to see whether this is also the case in our case, let us enrich our diet with dark bread, buckwheat groats, eggs, nuts, bran, seafood and lean meat.

In search of arginine.

Almost everyone has heard of zinc and its role in the body. Arginine, however, is an amino acid known only in certain vertebrae. This name is certainly not alien to athletes and people who like to visit the gym, but it turns out that also men seeking a diet for potency should assimilate it. Arginine occurs naturally in the human body, but the older we get, the smaller the amount of Arginine is. No wonder, then, that at some point this valuable ingredient, which synthesizes nitric oxide, must be supplied from outside. It is sure to be found in both poultry and red meat. Arginine is also present in mackerel, seafood, nuts, spinach, sunflower seeds and sesame.

Break it off with saturated fats.

Men's fat-free diet always seems to be incomplete, so it is not surprising that men are reluctant to give up on this ingredient. This does not mean, however, that all fats are equally necessary for the male body. When it comes to saturated fats consumed in large quantities, as well as trans-fatty acids, supplying them can have many side effects. Their presence in the diet threatens to cause problems with weight maintenance and erection problems, so the sooner we realize how dangerous they are, the better for us.

Unfortunately, the list of products that need to be reduced at least is not short at all. These are not only sweets, but also French fries and other examples of highly processed food. Margarine and palm oil will not help us either. It may seem difficult to part with them at first, but let us remember that they lead not only to erection problems, but also to serious diseases such as diabetes. In return, we can reach for linseed and rapeseed oil, fish and seafood, as well as tasty walnuts.