• 9 December 2023

Potency problems can have many causes. So when they appear, men are usually prepared for the worst scenario. Fortunately, difficulties with reaching, and then also with maintaining, an erection, do not necessarily mean a serious illness. Very often they are a signal sent by the organism to which we do not provide sufficient amounts of vitamins and minerals through a bad diet and an unhealthy lifestyle.

In what form do you administer vitamins for potency?

Gentlemen who are looking for a solution to their erection problems often breathe relieved to learn that they may be caused by vitamin deficiency. Usually they also immediately go to the pharmacy to get a set of vitamins in which there will be as many vitamins as possible. However, is such an approach really as beneficial as it seems to those concerned?

Doctors pay particular attention to the fact that vitamin deficiencies cannot be replenished in one day. So you can buy the most expensive vitamin preparation available in the pharmacy, and still will not be able to solve the problem within a few days. The body needs time, so if we've been destroying it consistently for years, we can't expect it to regenerate immediately. It is also not said at all that vitamins administered in tablets are always the best solution. Yes, they are a salvation when the deficiencies are really great, but it is worth using them primarily as an emergency aid. Their assimilability is often not high (we should remember that we usually deal with dietary supplements, i.e. products which, according to Polish law, do not need to be tested for real effectiveness). Even when we come into possession of a solid vitamin mix, we must be careful. It may turn out that in this way we will lazy our body, which will not try to take the necessary ingredients directly from food.

What kind of vitamins for potency?

Perhaps the most important vitamin for potency, which must be present in the male diet, is vitamin D. The fact that it is an excellent antioxidant makes it difficult to pass by indifferently. It is not without significance, however, that its deficiencies can also lead to a reduction in testosterone levels, without which it is difficult to have potency and high libido. Vitamin D is supplemented by exposure of the body to sunlight, but when the weather does not encourage it, we can look for it in dairy products, eggs and marine fish.

Also, the presence of B vitamins should be strongly marked in the male diet. Shortages can have extremely serious consequences. They lead not only to a reduction in the amount of male hormones in the body, but also to fertility problems. Therefore, it is worth trying to make the diet consist of wholemeal products and nuts, but also this group of vitamins can be supplied to the body by eating fish. Gentlemen must also defend themselves against vitamin A deficiencies. These are particularly dangerous because they can adversely affect testosterone levels and deteriorate the quality of genetic material.