• 9 December 2023

Among the thousands of athletes we can mention the names of at least a dozen or so who managed to go down in history. Every sports fan is surely able to create their own ranking, so what will be the one we have prepared?

Steffi Graf

A legend of female tennis, a woman who amazed the world not only with her technique, but also with her consistency and conscientiousness. The best, regardless of the circumstances, legendary also because of its non-sport involvement.

Muhammad Ali

A legend of boxing and one of the most inspiring athletes in the world, he is an exceptional figure also because of the metamorphosis he went through not as an athlete but as a human being.

Michael Jordan

Jordan certainly is to basketball what Ali is to boxing. He is a remarkable basketball player who impresses not only with his technique but also with his ability to perform unforeseeable actions. His matches were a feast not only for the fans, but also for the players of the opposing team.


The only player in our ranking chosen to show that the legends are not only crystal athletes. Perhaps he should not be called the best footballer in the world, but those who remember the time of his highest form emphasize that when Maradona wanted to play, during the match, it was impossible to notice another player.

Irena Szewińska

It's time for a Polish accent in this juxtaposition, because a recent runner who died still inspires not only Polish but also foreign competitors. She delighted with her sports results, but she was always respected as a human being. Her modesty and professionalism have been enriched by dozens of moving stories. For the rest of her life she was involved in the development of the Olympic movement and never allowed even one scratch in her character.

Alberto Tomba

It was the Italian alpine skier who made the discipline he practiced famous not only in the alpine countries. He did not know any compromises, he did not calculate, and his journeys gathered people who had never had skis on their feet in front of television screens.

Janica Kostelic

One more representative of winter sports, who despite a terrible knee injury proved that she can be the best not only in technical competitions, but also in speed competitions. Coming from a country known for its sun and beautiful beaches, the Croatian woman has been showing us over the years how important it is to chase dreams. Michael Schifrin, the best skier in the world today, has told us more than once that it was the brave girl with two braids who made the impossible in downhill and slalom skiing that was her first inspiration.

Adam Malysz

The phenomenon of a modest boy from the Vistula, who "flew everyone", is already the subject of scientific research. When he started to start, only a handful of enthusiasts were interested in ski jumping. However, his first successes made every Pole an expert who could lead any national team of ski jumpers. At the end of his career he tried his hand as a rally driver - also with success.

Jesse Owens

Owens' heyday came in the 1930s, but he turned out to be an athlete we haven't forgotten to this day. The recordings of his incredible runs at the Olympic Games in Berlin are still moving not only for historians.

Usain Bolt

Bolt is another representative of world athletics in our ranking, but it's hard to say that he doesn't deserve a place in it. Running 100 and then 200 metres, he proved that nothing is impossible, he broke borders, spoke openly about his ability to break world records, and then... realized his announcements. When he ended his career, even those who did not like his style did not hide their grief.