• 9 December 2023

Decreasing male fertility is a common problem in society today. Younger and younger men have problems with the quality of sperm, which translates into difficulties with conception. There are many reasons for this - from bad diet and illnesses to lack of regular exercise. Sporting activities and even regular recreational exercises can make a difference. Numerous studies show that the amount of sperm in a sperm sample is highly dependent on the time spent on physical activity.

Sporting activities and male fertility - research

A scientific article published in the British Medical Journal proves that the amount of physical activity translates into male fertility. 12 hours a week devoted to movement can increase the fertility rate by 73%. Activity affects not only the quality of the sperm, but also general wellbeing, willingness to have sex and self-esteem. This, in turn, indirectly increases the chances of conception. Effort also helps to take care of the health of the circulatory system. This in turn makes the body better oxygenated, reduces the risk of atherosclerosis, and reduces the likelihood of erectile dysfunction. An active lifestyle also helps to maintain proper body weight, which has an impact on fertility.

It should be noted, however, that excessive, strenuous activity, constant, stressful training may lead to deregulation of the hormonal economy and, as a result, to the opposite effect - a decrease in fertility. The increase in cortisol levels accompanying heavy training inhibits the production of sex hormones. In some men, there is even so-called exercise-dependent hypogonadism.

Sport as a prevention of infertility

Of course, the lack of adequate doses of exercise is not the only cause of infertility. Most often, fertility problems are caused by a whole range of causes - from lifestyle-related to health problems. However, young men who would like to start a family in the future should think about the right amount of daily exercise beforehand. Static lifestyle has a negative impact on the whole body.

Sport and fertility - the golden mean

As mentioned above, it is not only insufficient traffic that causes fertility problems. Excessive effort also deregulates the hormonal balance, so it is necessary to find moderation and a golden mean in the intensity and frequency of training. Training, which leads to a strong forcing of the body and crossing its borders, has a negative impact. In this situation, the body is put on standby and the production of stress hormones increases significantly. These, in turn, affect the deregulation and downgrading of the production of sex hormones, which are responsible, among other things, for fertility.

Comprehensive infertility treatment programs often include an element of motor activation. It is not surprising if the doctor during the consultation recommends a change in lifestyle to a more active one - on the contrary, it is worth following these recommendations.