• 9 December 2023

Men's potency is a topic that many people find sensitive. Younger and younger men have problems with achieving and maintaining an erection. There are many reasons for these problems - often unhealthy lifestyle, little sleep, a lot of stress, lack of movement. It also happens that erectile dysfunction is due to general health problems. There are not only drugs available on the market that support the development and maintenance of erection, but also dietary supplements that support potency in the long term. Is it worth a try?

Potency supplements - is it worth taking them?

A dietary supplement to the supplement, which allows you to supplement possible nutrient deficiencies in food. In order for them to work, they should be taken for a longer period of time. We cannot count on the immediate and spectacular effects of their actions. Potency dietary supplements are a good solution for people with low potency problems, who are just starting to develop and are not associated with serious diseases (e.g. cardiovascular diseases).

It is also worth noting that supplements should be used with caution. A lot of them can be overdosed. Always follow the instructions on the packaging, both in relation to dosage and precautions (contraindications).

Ginseng for potency

Ginseng is one of the most popular natural supplements for potency. Saponins contained in the root of red Korean ginseng accelerate the chemical reaction through which the penis is filled with blood. Ginseng should be taken several times a day, not exceeding the dose administered by the manufacturer. Not every supplement contains the same amount of saponins, so it is worth choosing a product from a proven source. Patient, several weeks long ginseng supplementation supports erection, but also positively affects the level of energy and libido. After 2 months of treatment, you should take a longer break.

The root mattens the potency

Another natural supplement is the Peruvian pepper root (known as maca root). It is worth using it with caution - observations indicate that supplementation with this plant increases the level of libido and supports potency, but the exact mechanism of action is not clear.

Zinc supplementation for potency

Zinc also has a positive effect on potency. This element is found in potency supplements due to its action against testosterone deficiency. Be very careful with zinc supplementation. Too much or too long a dose can cause prostate hypertrophy.

Preparations with L-arginine aspartate

This mysteriously sounding compound is the initial stage of a chemical reaction essential for the erection of the penis. L-arginine aspartate is finally converted into nitric oxide, which increases blood flow. However, the doses must be high enough for the supplement to work. However, do not overdose!

When potency supplements don't work

If dietary supplements, even if taken long enough and in appropriate doses, do not help to achieve and maintain an erection, the preparations with sildenafil (Viagra, Kamagra, etc.) remain. These are substances taken on an ad hoc basis, safe, helping to achieve erection within a dozen or so minutes after use.