• 9 December 2023

There is a widespread perception that the quality of the underwear and clothing worn affects fertility levels and, in extreme cases, can lead to infertility. As it turns out, narrow trousers compress hip joints limiting their movement and blood flow in blood vessels.

Worldwide, more and more couples are struggling to get pregnant. There are many reasons for reduced male fertility, but these include mismatches between underwear and trousers. Close-fitting garments can be the main cause of reduced fertility. Not only joints and blood vessels are at risk, but also the spine, which can be led to lumbar degeneration.

What does wearing jeans lead to?

Wearing very narrow, contiguous and tight trousers with a high waistband increases the pressure on the lower part of the abdomen, especially when the body is sitting down. This attitude seriously undermines the functioning of internal bodies that are being oppressed. This leads to a pressure on the stomach, liver and pancreas, which promotes the receding of gastric acids into the esophagus, causing heartburn.

Narrow jeans can lead to male infertility. Research carried out in the UK has shown that male fertility is dysfunctional. As it turns out, already every tenth adult man feels the effects of wearing narrow trousers, which are extremely depressing and unpleasant. More than a quarter of men see problems with urination, and almost half of them have problems with the groin area.

Specialists argue that not always fashionable pants go hand in hand with practicality. It often violates the natural physiology of the body by restricting the body, its movement and the proper functioning of internal organs. Circulatory disorders can lead to impotence disorders.

What causes wearing narrow jeans?

Compressing clothing means disturbed air circulation, which significantly reduces movement and negatively affects the microflora of male genital organs, promoting faster development of infections. People wearing narrow trousers produce much less sperm, and the composition of the sperm is still shaken. Also, sperm motility decreases, which can lead to infertility. In extreme but possible cases, narrow trousers can cause genital trauma.

In such situations, doctors encourage exercises that can improve the efficiency of the male organ, such as leg swings, hip circulation or massages. It is also worthwhile to introduce baths with alternating water temperatures to improve circulation.