• 9 December 2023

Having hard abdominal muscles like steel is a dream that unites dozens of women and men. The popular "radiator" is usually built in the gym, even there the task is not the easiest one. So, is there even a minimal chance that a "six-pack" will appear on our stomach as a consequence of exercises performed at home? Turns out it's not impossible at all.

How to practice?

Even before we become interested in specific exercises that will allow us to show off a "six-pack" in the near future, we should get to know a few recommendations regarding the training at home. So it is worth remembering first of all that the exercises themselves should be comprehensive, which will lead to the strengthening of all the muscles on our abdomen, and thus both oblique and transverse as well as straight muscles. If we want a quick result, we must not forget that the exercises themselves must be done at least three times a week. Even the most conscientious of them will not do much good either, if we do not take care of what we eat. It is this diet that will help to get rid of fat from the abdomen and make the muscles more visible.

What kind of exercises should I do?

1. Spider

To do this exercise properly, sit on the floor and make sure your legs are straight. Then we should reach out both hands upwards while tilting the torso a little bit backwards. In this position, you can lift your legs above the ground. When they are three or four centimetres above the ground, we can draw our knees to the chest, trying to get them as high as possible. Hold the bent knees with your hands. Then just lift your hands and straighten your legs to return to the position you occupied at the beginning of the exercise. At all times you have to make sure that your feet do not touch the ground and your hands do not support your abdomen. The exercise can be completed after 25 repetitions.

2. Package

This exercise also requires that we sit on the floor, but this time the legs and hands must be straight. Grab the ball with both hands (it does not have to be a Soft Weight, so if you have a well inflated ball at hand, you will certainly not complain that the exercise does not have the expected effect). The ball should be placed at the hip, on the right side of the body. Then you can lift your bent legs above the ground so that they form a 45-degree angle with it. The ball is to be moved from one side of the body to the other, and this is best achieved by turning and slightly raising the torso. Let's try to keep our legs from touching the ground and our backs from bending. It is best to do two series of exercises using about twenty repetitions on each side.

3. Bellies

In this exercise, we start with the back and bend the legs in the knees. Hands should be over your head, but you can also cross them on your chest. When we tear the shoulders away from the ground, we can tie the abdomen with a torso twist, either towards the left or towards the right leg. It is best to do 20 tummies in one session.