• 9 December 2023

Men who cannot achieve or maintain an erection are increasingly opting for a wide range of potency measures. However, they do not do it without reflection. Aware that these measures can bring both benefits and risks, they therefore raise more and more questions before reaching for them. One of the most important concerns how long the potency measures last.

Time of action and source of problem

It is not easy to find an answer to the question of how long the potency funds should last, above all because we are talking about solutions that are used at different times. These measures are effective when the person who uses them cannot achieve an erection because of circulatory problems. However, they often also help men whose problems with potency are psychologically motivated and result from too little self-confidence.

Nor are the answers made easy by the manufacturers of potency improvement measures themselves. In the leaflets concerning the next of them you can read about contraindications to their use. However, the indications themselves are described in a much more enigmatic way. The same tablet is being promoted as a way to solve many problems, so it's easy to guess that it can have different efficiencies depending on the challenge it's facing.

Time of action and type of potency agent

Today, potency funds are available not only in drugstores and pharmacies. You can also find them on online auctions and even on bazaars. Each of them has a slightly different composition and action. This term is also extremely broad and can be used to describe both herbal supplements and tablets in which the active substance is scientifically tested sildenafil. Solutions can still be found on the market (especially in places where sales are not always legal) which are referred to as potency measures, but in reality they do not have any real aid components. Sometimes they can even harm people who decide to take them.

How long do sildenafil drugs last?

Sildenafil is an active ingredient that is highly valued by men who are struggling with erectile dysfunction. Not so long ago, access to it was limited, as it was mainly in viagra - a drug prescribed by a physician. Today, sildenafil (in limited doses) is also used in medicines bought without a prescription, so it is no wonder that this group of specifics is chosen particularly often.

The manufacturers of medicines using this substance usually inform us that the measure should be adopted between 60 and 30 minutes before the planned sexual intercourse. Its action is usually estimated at four or five hours and during this time it is possible, with appropriate sexual stimulation, to have not one but several sexual intercourses. Interestingly, after about 90 minutes after administration of the drug, it is no longer visible in the male semen.