• 9 December 2023

Can what we eat affect our well-being? Even if this question is answered in the affirmative, it is usually difficult for us to believe that the quality of food can be associated with a condition as serious as depression. However, doctors are not at all inclined to claim that we are dealing with an absurd link. On the contrary, they draw attention to the connections between the intestines and the brain, stressing that both organs have a significant influence on each other and on the way the human body functions.

Should depression be associated with food?

It is very common to hear that depression should be associated with a deficiency in certain chemicals. In this context, particular emphasis is placed on the importance of serotonin, stressing that the fight against depression itself is often reduced to more or less successful attempts to keep it at an appropriate level. However, the mechanism of depression can also be associated with inflammation of the intestines. These for science are still, at least in part, a mystery, but we know that they are caused, among other things, by the imbalance of bacteria in our intestines.

Scientists do not focus exclusively on the relationship between the intestines and the brain. They also point out that depression can be associated with obesity. People who are unable to cope with being overweight are usually depressed. Overweight, on the other hand, is often the consequence of eating low quality, cheap, highly processed and poor food with substances that have a beneficial effect on the body. This is another argument in favour of linking depression to the quality of food.

What to eat to make it easier to treat depression?

An appropriate Diera can help to make the depression problem more manageable. However, it should be remembered that the treatment of this disease cannot be limited to modifying the diet. The basis for this is the appropriate medication taken under the supervision of the doctor and in the doses recommended by him/her. Changing the diet is helpful, but it can bring excellent results.

Green leafy vegetables open the list of products that are worth reaching for. What makes scientists so emotional is that they are rich in magnesium. This component is invaluable if we care about balance in our nervous system. They are tasty and healthy at the same time.

Nuts are also present in the list of products that will improve our mood. Most people are delighted with their taste, but it is worth remembering that the body also gratefully accepts omega-3 fatty acids, magnesium and potassium. If we want to feel better, cocoa should also be present in our diet. It is true that it is calorific, but its amino acids help to produce serotonin - a neurotransmitter of happiness that adds self-confidence and improves mood. It is also worth to reach eggs rich in amino acids more often than usual. They are tasty and at the same time have a beneficial effect on our nervous system.