• 9 December 2023

Although anabolic steroids are very popular among young people, one should be aware that they have not only numerous advantages, but also certain disadvantages. They are often referred to as the enemy of masculinity. Initially, this term is surprising, as it is believed that anabolics increase potency. It turns out, however, that men who use them are often not in the best health - they have not only erection problems, but also fertility problems.

What's the problem?

Although the cult of a beautiful body may seem to be a problem faced by women in particular, we also deal with it in the male world. Anabolic acid helps where nature fails, so it is no wonder that many people reach for it unreflectively, without thinking about what can result in a rapid increase in muscle mass, which leads to their use. It is worth remembering that their presence in the body leads primarily to the fact that the cells of some tissues divide faster. Initially, you can therefore enjoy both increased strength and increased strength. Over time, however, the situation begins to get complicated. When the body becomes dependent on steroids, it is gradually destroyed.

Steroid dependence progresses in a similar way to the process of attaching to other health hazardous substances. At first the gentlemen feel more masculine after using them, but with time without their presence masculinity is lost somewhere. There is nothing more than an exaggerated surprise in this, because we are talking about the action typical for testosterone present in anabolics. Of course, testosterone is a desirable hormone, but it should be remembered that when the body starts to exceed the permissible limit, it activates defense mechanisms. He's trying to lower his level, but his efforts are being undermined by successive portions of steroids. Problems with erection are only one of the side effects of such a phenomenon, because male psyche also suffers.

What about the steroid withdrawal?

Theoretically, it is enough for us to stop steroids and all the problems with masculinity will be forgotten. But in practice it is not so obvious phenomenon. If the body has taken up a lot of them, it is difficult to expect that it will not need a lot of time and will return to its former form. Very often, after steroid withdrawal, the symptoms of erectile dysfunction intensify. Even if there are no permanent changes in the body, the process of getting out of addiction will take a long time. Excess testosterone leads, among other things, to the blockage of seed cells. Sperm may be present in the sperm, but because they are unable to get out of the sperm, it can lead to degenerative states.

It is possible to deal with health problems that become apparent after withdrawal of anabolic medicines under the supervision of a physician. He should also be the person pointing out to patients what kind of potency drugs they can take in this difficult period in order not to harm the body additionally, but at the same time - to enjoy sex.