• 9 December 2023

The erection problem is an extremely widely discussed topic. It is well known that even a small dose of alcohol can affect potency. A person in a state of significant alcohol intoxication is not able to properly perceive sexual stimuli, which results in erection disorders.

Impotence occurring in men is sometimes considered to be a disease of civilization. According to statistics, about 2 million Poles under the age of 40 suffer from it. There are many factors that make up the impotence, but this group includes mainly stress, fatigue and stimulants. Alcohol has an extremely negative effect on potency, hinders permanent erection and thus reduces satisfaction with sexual intercourse.

Does drinking alcohol affect potency?

Small amounts of alcohol can of course have a positive impact on the relationship between men and women. A small amount of occasional high-percentage alcohol will certainly help to get rid of shame, embarrassment or shyness. Complications start when you consume a higher dose, which is counterproductive. A small amount of alcohol means, for example, a glass of wine or a glass of beer.

People who regularly abuse alcohol are certainly less likely to have sexual intercourse because of the difficulty in getting sexual excitement. In addition, alcohol can cause anxiety, anxiety, irritability and high stress. These and other factors reduce sexual desire and erectile dysfunction. Excessive alcohol consumption also contributes to lowering testosterone levels, while increasing the amount of estrogen in the body. Over a longer period of time, the libido decreases significantly and potency problems are more frequent. The results of the study show that men who abuse alcohol are seven times more likely to have sexual problems than men who are abstinents.

Potency tablets and alcohol

Men struggling with problems of potency, most often reach for dietary supplements improving their sexual performance. Although these measures are very often based on natural ingredients, they can be effective and can produce positive results. When using potency tablets, remember to drink them with mineral water, never with alcohol. Mixing any medications or dietary supplements with alcohol can have undesirable side effects. In exceptional cases, it may lead to unconsciousness, shortness of breath, strong headaches, or imbalances in balance and vision. When using potency products, it is essential to stop drinking alcohol.