• 9 December 2023

There's no denying that addictions strongly affect men's potency. The abuse of alcohol, nicotine or other substances affects your health. Stress, unhealthy diet or haste also reduce potency. Research shows that every third man in Poland suffers from potency disorders. How to avoid potency problems?

Impotence is a serious disorder that affects more and more men and makes them feel dissatisfied with the close-up. Sexual problems also affect relationships between men and women, which are not infrequently undermined by a lack of appropriate assistance. Addictions to alcohol, nicotine and other drugs, as well as stress and unhealthy diets, have the strongest impact on sexuality. Doctors say that any disorder can be avoided if there is an increased awareness of the risk of abuse and if professional treatment is introduced.

Potential risks

Among the most frequently mentioned threats by doctors and sexologists are mentioned:

  • Abuse of alcohol - may adversely affect erection in men and cause temporary erection problems. However, small amounts of alcohol can help to increase sexual desire and satisfaction. When reaching for alcohol, it is worth choosing red wine, which has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system.
  • Medicines and drugs - medication taken, and worse still, drugs can have serious consequences. Not only will the naturally occurring sexual stimulation be dysfunctional, but also infertility and other nervous disorders may occur. Painkillers and antidepressants taken regularly and permanently minimize sex drive.
  • Long-term stress - adversely affects almost all body functions. It lowers libido, reduces sexual desire, in extreme cases it can lead to infertility. Stress also has a negative impact on women's and men's relationships. In order to keep the libido at the right level, potential causes of stress need to be removed.
  • Depression - a state of reduced mood and mood, is a frequent cause of lack of sexual desire. It may also be associated with an accepted treatment with agents strongly affecting the sympathetic system. Then the person does not feel the need to zoom in, is indifferent and cold.

How does alcohol affect potency?

The dependence of consumed alcohol on the level of libido was shown. Long-term alcohol abuse very often leads to impotence. Interestingly, non-drunk alcoholics can also have sexual problems. All because alcohol permanently damages the nerves of the sympathetic system, which are responsible for the erection. The hormonal activity of the testes together with spermatogenesis is also disturbed during the process. As a result, it is difficult or impossible to achieve a proper erection during the approach.