• 9 December 2023

Men prefer completely different entertainment than women. Unlike the ladies, instead of long conversations, we prefer to act. We love dangerous activities that give us a lot of adrenaline. We're into what's dangerous and unpredictable. The biggest satisfaction is to prove to other guys that we are better, stronger, more capable or more persistent than them. These are the rules that we follow when choosing games and games for men.


There are good reasons why football is the favourite pastime of a large number of men. This sport provides us with everything our wild heart desires. Football battles are often full of ambition and even aggression. Many times the winner is not theoretically better team, but the one that will prove to be more brave and will try to gain a favorable result until the last whistle. During football matches often there are fights between the players of both teams, which makes the emotions even more intense. Brutal fouls, red cards, risky slides, head fights in the air, pushing under the penalty box is something that turns many men on.

Mountain climbing

We like risk, danger and unpredictability, which is why many of us dream of extreme mountain climbing. During its course we have the opportunity to struggle with our own weaknesses and limitations. To support the rest of the crew, to struggle with pain, fatigue and oxygen deficiency. Thanks to the adrenalin produced, however, we are able to go further to our destination. No matter if it's sweat or blood.

Violent computer games

We can not always afford to have dangerous entertainment in the field, which is why we are so eager to choose computer games with a large dose of brutality. We like to play the role of a ruthless murderer who uses heavy firearms, chain saws or grenades.

Racing sports

Racing sports, such as formula 1, speedway, rallying or MotoGP motorcycle racing, are also what makes almost every guy spin. We like speed, the smell of burning fuel, dangerous manoeuvres, instant exits from start blocks or blood-curdling accidents. No wonder that the stands during the matches of the Polish speedway league are filled to the brim.

Mixed martial arts

Martial arts are also one of the most popular activities for men. We are particularly fond of MMA players' duels. We can see which fighting techniques are the most effective - whether, for example, a boxer will win in a duel with a wrestler. Famous celebrities often take part in MMA gala events, which additionally stimulates emotions.


Fishing is one of the favourite leisure activities for many men, although paradoxically it may seem boring. In reality, however, catching a large fish from the water requires a lot of strength, reflexes and tenacity. Fishing also teaches perseverance and patience. Returning home with a basket full of fish we can also count on appreciation from our partner, and yet nothing builds a man like praise.